Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $125?

The majority of the cost is given to your rental agent as extra motivation to help you find a rental.

How Do Rental Comissions work anyways?

Realtors are generally paid a small portion of the first month’s rent as a commission.  For example a $2000/month rental might offer a Realtor a $200 commission for bringing a qualified tenant.  Often times this is not enough money to offset the time and gas for realtors to show you the properties.  This is where rental concierge bridges the gap, offering additional compensation to the realtor and in turn saving you the headache of having to chase down homes and appointments.

What is the required credit score to be paired with an agent?

The required credit score is 650.

How do I receive my money back if I do not find a home?

We will refund your money back to your credit card within 7 to 10 business days.

Do you work with month-to-month leases?

No, we only work with tenants trying to find a minimum of a year long lease. 

Do you work with commercial tenants?

No, we only work with residential tenants.

What if I find a rental on my own and do not use my agent?

No refund will be given.  We need to compensate the agent for the time they spent showing you available places to live.

How do I download my credit report from

Please click here to learn how to download your credit report and upload it to our site.